Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

SHEQ Information

South Zambezi Engineering Services is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly designs.

Our SHEQ Management Systems are based on international codes of best practice. All SHEQ legislations and regulations across all geographic areas of our operations are adhered to. We strive to provide efficient utilisation and management of renewable natural resources in all our engineering solutions.

Our objectives and management programmes are to improve health, safety, environmental and quality performance for all risks identified in our processes. The present data on bio-physical, social, cultural, and environmental characteristics to minimise the negative impact imposed on the ecosystem are examined prior to each project.

Computing Facilities

The IT industry thrives on rapidly changing technologies, subsequently those who work in IT should embrace change rather than oppose it.

Our IT department has modern Server facilities to support the designand research needs of the Engineers and stakeholders of the company.

The server room has a Dell server,Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise, Security system for the exchange, Backup servers and APC Smart -UPS -RT 1000VA 230V, R730.

All systems are connected to the departmental network, which is a part of the company wide area network. The file servers provide a combination of Unix (NFS) and NT (NTFS) file services.  Internet connectivity is provided by a 100mb link leased from BITCO  exclusively using fibre and a failover satellite disk of 50mb.

Relation with Industry

The department has close interaction with all the departments in the company and IT service providers who provide services related to our field. The department has the following licensed software:

  • Autodesk
  • Infrastructure Design Suite
  • Civil Designer
  • Baker Baynes
  • Prokon
  • Power Office

Sustainability and People Empowerment

Employment Equity

South Zambezi promotes equal opportunities and fair treatment to all designated groups.

The company is a firm believer in affirmative action through recruitment processes that ensure equitable representation across all levels and categories of employment. Equity is not regarded as a compliance issue but a necessity in the company.  Our staff complement is representative of South Africa’s diverse cultures and racial groups.  The company has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination and prejudice.

Internship Programme

The company affords young men and women an opportunity to gather workplace experience and gain skills and knowledge that  enable them to be relevant in the job market.  The company recognises valuable contribution made by interns to complement our workforce.  We create a pipeline of young, talented professional engineers with relevant skills that are highly required within the building environment and water and waste water fields. Our internship enrollment constitutes 40% of our total staff establishment with 17% being young women from previously disadvantaged communities.  Some of our interns have already been successfully absorbed in the job market as trainees and permanent employees within and outside the company.

Skills Development

Skills development is fundamental for individual and team performance in the company.  The training plans and programmes are geared towards growing the performance capacity of our professionals and valued talent in the company. We run an integrated talent management programme to grow leadership, management and operational capacity.

People Empowerment

80% of our staff complement comprises previously disadvantaged persons.  Special circumstances are furthermore considered via our dedicated personal welfare programme that offers benefits such as housing, life assurance and a burial scheme.

Enterprise & Supplier Development

The official adoption of a BBEEE procurement policy ensures that we actively source material and equipment from black owned SMMEs to enhance their participation in our economy.  South Zambezi identifies micro-enterprises that are assisted with Enterprise Development initiatives such as mentorship and skills transfer.

In Service

‘What we build, builds us,’ is not just a creed, but a way of life that is integrated in our very DNA.  In our quest to touch all those who enter our world positively, South Zambezi has a number of initiatives that are aimed at sustainable transformation and empowerment.

Renovations of Phadi Primary School (Giyani)

Socio-economic development

South Zambezi has a Social Corporate Investment Policy and Plan that aims to ensure that we contribute meaningfully to the communities within which we work and we have an impeccable record for implementing it.

Efforts include job creation, training programmes, skills development and skills transfer initiatives.  We also support non-profit organisations such as schools and social welfare organisations with donations and sponsorships such as school furniture and  sanitary pads for girl learners.

In 2016 we donated over 800 reusable sanitary towels that can last for 3 years to all the girl leaners in Giyani High School.  We also renovated the classrooms at Gija-Ngove Senior Seconday School at Ngove Village in Giyani.